Camping Tips from the Pro's

  • After you have camped and dumped your black holding tank and are ready to go home, simply dump your remaining cooler ice/ water into your toilet. Then on the drive home it will swish back and forth acting as an abrasive during the trip helping to clean the inside of your tank. Once home dump what's left in a 5gal bucket and dispose of it. This also helps to keep things clean and get accurate readings from your monitor panel. ( if your camper is equipped with a black flush kit, simply hook up the water hose and disregard this)
  • When using your awning it's a good idea to have tie downs for it because you never know when a big gust of wind might come, this will help you keep it all intact.
  • When preparing your camper for your trip be sure to spray the stabilizer jacks with a lubricant and also an ant and bug spray, this allows easier use of the stabilizers and stops ants from traveling up the stabilizer's into your camper.
  • Having small cut pieces of plywood is great for stabilizers and tongue jacks in case your camper is sitting on soft ground.
  • You should always have a screw on water pressure regulator, most parks have water hook-ups and the regulator assures no more than 45psi of water pressure is allowed to enter your campers water system. Every place you go to has different water pressure and more than 45psi could cause sever damage to your campers water system !!! 

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