Service at Middleton's RV, Inc.
Our service department is knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible!

The service department at Middleton’s RV is conveniently located just 30 minutes south of St. Louis. Our licensed service technicians bring years of experience to their work on your new or Used RV. Our service manager will be happy to answer any questions about your RV and to schedule service times to meet your needs.
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With each RV purchase, a knowledgeable technician from our service department will spend time showing you the ropes of your new camper. You won’t leave our service department until you are comfortable operating every facet of your New RV. This informative session gives you a positive start to your future as an experienced camper.

Is this your camper? This water damage was caused by a small leak at the clearance light. Leaks are very hard to detect, yet will destroy a camper!!! Middleton RV offers a service called "Seal Tech" that detects these leaks and will help protect your camper and investment. Seal Tech allows us to safely pressurize the camper and then we spray all the seals and joints starting at the roof and working our way down. This service only costs around $150, and we recommend it being done yearly at end of season when you're doing your winterization is best (best defense against a leak occurring while the camper "sits" over winter). Think of it as simple maintenance, like changing the oil in your truck. The peace of mind alone, knowing you're not camping in this moldy mess is worth it !!! 

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